Carried the Delta Gold Cup for years, before I started carrying the CZ DuoTone, 9mm Semi Compact
But I still liked the idea of carrying a 10mm .... BUT, I also wanted the "High Capacity" the CZ offered .... AND the Semi Compact system
So I put together a Full Sized, Large Framed Witness, Semi Compact .... in 10mm
And like all of my Centerfire Pistols, I added a .22lr Conversion, and in this case, a 10mm "Longslide", in lieu of a 9mm Upper
My Friend Joe machined the Matte Stainless Mag Bases for this
They really adds to the look
Here's my most recent DtD:
The DtD and its Alias'-6bbtqpu.jpg
The DtD and its Alias'-3vn2adg.jpg

With its (quite accurate) Longslide:
The DtD and its Alias'-uhhfpsk.jpg

The .22 Conversion:
The DtD and its Alias'-nkfwtsc.jpg

And the whole "Set-up":
The DtD and its Alias'-zttbzxr.jpg