Although I'm not affiliated with a few forums that claim to be "Rimfire Orientated Forums", I still have some folks that belong to those forums whereby I've gained a trusted relationship with. While I don't solicit information from those members, they do provide me with some of what the posters there provide. Much of that information is interesting and some of it even goes against the rules of physics.
One example that comes to mind is what someone posted as to how, just by changing a hammer, creep was completely removed. Well then, now if creep was completely removed, the system now has an unsafe hammer, as there is now, no longer any sear to hammer notch engagement.
You see, creep is involved with the amount of engagement that needs to be overcome as the trigger is pulled, until pre-travel is gone and the sear engagement is released from the hammer notch. Now, creep can certainly be reduced, but it surely does need to be done in a safe manner so that premature, unsafe discharges do not occur. Seems there are some, who are ignorant as to how "trigger to hammer notch engagement works", and are too willing to advertise their ignorance in open forums.