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Thanks for the information here you guys! This is interesting to me because I have Ruger Mark III 22/45 that I have fallen in love with. Just trying for the past x2 years to keep it running and sorting through all of the fog. This thread helps me quite a bit...thanks again all!
Some folks were swearing at the Ruger Mark III pistols when they first arrived on the scene, due to a couple of "safety improvements" that have been incorporated into this version. Personally, I like the Mark III Rugers and own a couple.
Things like the magazine disconnect feature can easily and safely be removed and most often that will improve the trigger pull weight from around 5-6 pounds, down to a safe and improved 2 ½ to 3 pounds. The replacement hammer bushing, if a good one is used, will then allow the pistol to fire without the magazine installed. Some like that, others live with it as it arrives.
Early on, the speculation involving the "Loaded Chamber Indicator", or LCI, was found to be the cause of spent cases stove-piping between the front of the ejection port and the bolt face by many owners. Removing the plastic LCI seemed to remedy that issue many more times than not. A fella named Bruce Patza designed a pretty nifty part that takes the place of the LCI to provide a better cosmetic appearance, rather than an open slot. One of my very favorite "shooters" is a Mark III Hunter with 4 ½ inch barrel. Not many were made and it took me almost two years to find one NIB:

My Ruger Mark III 22/45 has been set-up as a suppressor host with a "special" light weight bolt so that it will shoot and cycle CCI Quiet ammunition. The only sound during shooting involves the bolt "click" when it comes back to hit the breech face. Works great for marauding raccoons getting into things late at night.