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I'm glad you have had good luck with the Winchester Super X Hyper Velocity.
I've got some now that about every 10th round or so is way under powered, you can hear the difference even with hearing protection. And, in the same 100 round box I've had 4 squibs.
I have had issues with all Winchester ammo for awhile now. We started to go through our backup stock to cycle older ammo. Even the older stuff has issues just like the new batches. I keep it around for plinking in our revolvers and testing some new firearms to see if it will work. Same thing, fails to go boom and dirty. I have a ton of Blazzer 38 and 40 grain that functions well. My Rem Golden Bullets and Range ammo works well enough. The Aquila cycles. Our Federal runs. This Winchester ammo just has issues. We are conserving Mini Mags and others for now. Squibs are bad and glad we have had none. We have some Super X Hyper Velocity but do not use it but others at the range use it and have had no issues.
*We are still stocking up but will be only getting what cycles in our firearms. When our backup supply gets a dent in it we will start using the rest for practice.