The LCR22-the Perfect trainer

The LCR22-the Perfect trainer

This is a discussion on The LCR22-the Perfect trainer within the LCR Discussion forums, part of the LCR category; My favorite plinker and Trainer is the LCR22. Actually just might be my favorite of all guns to shoot. Just love it immensely.For one ...

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Thread: The LCR22-the Perfect trainer

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    My favorite plinker and Trainer is the LCR22. Actually just might be my favorite of all guns to shoot. Just love it immensely.For one it is a perfect trainer . I shoot on a Regular basis, typically twice a week at indoor ranges. Go the the Outdoor range about three times a month. Last year I had about 37 orders come in from Target Sports, of which I am a Prime Member. Would use those orders for shooting and would stock pile as well. Presently have about 15,000 rds of 9mm and about 4,000 of 380 as well as other calibers and Shotgun ammo.

    But ammo is expensive and now, 9mm is in very short supply and very costly. So what to do? Use 9mm 380 sparingly and shoot the snot out of
    So why the LCR 22? Because training with the short barrel gun can hone the Point and shoot skills tremendously. It hones the skill of shooting DAO which is the only triggers I will EDC. It teaches the shooter to be fast and quick. Training the eye is important as training the trigger. Constant fast action point and shoot skills aregreatly increased. I have gotten to the point that I do not on most occasions even use a sight. Do not need a back sight, (have blackened out all of them on other EDC guns).

    I have shot pocket guns on a religious basis for over a decade. I laugh when someone says they are just "Gut Guns" or for close range shooting. No need to shoot often or use as a range gun. I say BS. If you are going to carry a LCP then learn to get proficient with one. Shoot them often. Get to the point that you can do rapid fire HEAD SHOTS at 15 yds. You can do this, but it takes time, it takes diligence and it takes commitment and money.

    If you cannot shoot a firearm for a minimum of 200 rds per session, then get another firearm that you can. I love the DAO. And the pocket guns that are are the safest way to Carry.

    DO NOT go to the range with a Pocket gun like the LCP and do the same old garbage of going to the line, taking your time, Aiming for Bullsey and then squeezing the trigger slowly. What a waste of ammo and time. Learn to shoot fast and quick. The LCR22 is just a great trainer. Invest in one to supplement your training.

    AND please to not tell me a is not a good trainer because of recoil. What malarkey. Recoil simply takes your eye off target. That is the point of POINT and SHOOT, to be able to get on target or other targets fast.

    God Bless the Ruger LCR22. Learn the DAO.

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    I agree on the LCR22 as a very good trainer. For me they are a good way to practice and get some range time. In my older years I have really taken to shooting rimfire and find it a somewhat inexpensive way to spend additional time shooting after centerfire practice.
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