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Best oil and cleaning solution for LCP II?

This is a discussion on Best oil and cleaning solution for LCP II? within the LCP Technical forums, part of the LCP Pocket category; Welcome to the forum LarryDodson10! Great mag maintenance advice in my view. All my LCP mags were full of grease from the factory. We must ...

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Thread: Best oil and cleaning solution for LCP II?

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    Welcome to the forum LarryDodson10! Great mag maintenance advice in my view. All my LCP mags were full of grease from the factory. We must take them apart and clean before use. For those who don't want to dissemble, flush them out good with a spray cleaner.
    I found a great mag cleaning brush at Walmart labeled as a bottle brush and it cost just a few bucks. My carry weapon mags are cleaned every once in a while and my competition pistol/carbine mags are cleaned every match as they are dropped in the dirt. All the mags get a light spray of dry-lube on the inside and the comp. mags get a coat on the outside.

    I believe many shooters clean their carry weapons way too much citing it has to be clean for me to depend on it. Well did it work the last time you shot it? Then you can depend on it the next time you leave the house. How can you depend on a weapon you just took apart and put back together again? I sure can't.
    If needed my weapons are deep cleaned before a range visit and my carry weapons if needed receive a quick clean at the range and shoot a few mags of ammo through them before leaving. This practice could have saved my behind so that's the way I role. Denny
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    I can't recommend you on a particular oil, but do it regularly! Clean each time I go out, but then again I always shoot some pistols and never know when the pistol will be chose again.

    Since the cleaning supplies are already sitting there, I'll do a quick clean of the gun before I'm done. Usually a quick clean, unless I was shooting a lot. More info on cleaning
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    Quote Originally Posted by pennsy View Post
    As a gun lube . I see it mentioned a lot . I like Ballistol . I can get it on my hands and not worry about it . When I was young , things like that did not bother me . Then a friend of mine who was a grease monkey died of leukemia . I used to clean carburetors in gas and wash my hands in turpentine after painting . I now wear gloves . Mobil One is probably a great lube . I just don't want to touch it a lot .
    I hear ya Brother. I have tried a whole lot of stuff over the years and always came back to Ballistol. Finally enough is enough and just do not try anything else. Even use it in my Sonic Cleaner. And Not being Toxic is a huge plus. Heck, it even helps dry skin. I also use it with my bare hand to rub down wooden stocks which still look like new.
    In the sonic cleaner I use Ballistol Milk. (90% water 10% Ballistol.) Magazines come out like new and so slick that they are almost too slick. Use the Milk to flush out chambers etc.

    The nice thing about Ballistol, is it will never gum up. When used in a Sonic Cleaner the Milk will clean trigger parts etc and leave a Very Fine Coat of oil.

    I leave a big jar of the Milk on my bench and many times will take parts or a receiver and just drop in and leave, then Blow out the Striker or firing pin chamber with a can of air.

    All this said, a Sonic Cleaner is one of the best investments I have made.
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    I have been using Break Free CLP lately with good results. For years always used Hoppe's 9 cleaner and oil with Rem Oil sometimes. Still have applications for all of them. The one I have not tried is Ballistol and may give it a try. I love taking care of my firearms-> It is great therapy after the range. One thing I do know is you can learn from these Clean/Lube threads they are interesting for sure.
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