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Motorcyle concealed carry

This is a discussion on Motorcyle concealed carry within the LCP Accessories forums, part of the LCP Pocket category; I ride a 2008 Goldwing, and I carry my Glock 27 in a paddle holster on my Hip. While I'm rideing I always wear a ...

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Thread: Motorcyle concealed carry

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    I ride a 2008 Goldwing, and I carry my Glock 27 in a paddle holster on my Hip. While I'm rideing I always wear a Jacket either a nylon wind breaker or a leather jacket. Elsie will be in one of my pockets.
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    Wallet holster on my Honda Rebel "Spartacus".
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    I am a newby on this forum and ride and carry. Hopefully we can get this thread active and maybe become a forum.

    When I ride I usually carry my SCCY CPX 2 because of it being 10 + 1 with an extra mag and because it is 9 mm. In Tennessee we are just a carry state but I usually have it under a T-shirt at least with a hip holster. Some of my riding buddies just open carry but I try not to scare the little old ladies.
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    on my motorcycles, have 3, I carry on my jacket's R side pocket
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    I typically carry my LCPII in 2 locations when I ride. Here in Texas it gets pretty hot in the summer when riding so I carry in a OWB holster on my hip. I typically ride wearing a long sleeve T so it is not seen. In the winter its in the pocket of my vest or jacket. On loooong rides 250+ mile days I keep it in the fork bag (handle bar bag) as it can get a bit uncomfortable on my body. However, when carrying it there you must remain aware of its location when making a gas or rest stop. A quick move from the bag to the pocket is required if the bike is going to be parked even for minute.
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    My jacket has a left & right chest pocket & I keep my LCR 38 in the right one. Sometimes my SIG P290RS 9mm. Helps being left-handed, right hand on the throttle.
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    Front pocket lcp II no matter what. Still using factory pocket holister till I find something I like better
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    saw a helmet sticker once:
    Honk if you've never seen a pistol fired from a motorcycle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rpott3 View Post
    saw a helmet sticker once:
    Honk if you've never seen a pistol fired from a motorcycle.
    Cute, but don't think I want that sticker for my helmet!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ETS View Post
    Cute, but don't think I want that sticker for my helmet!
    I know what you mean. I saw one that said "Panty Dropper". I wonder if this endears him or her with law enforcement.
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