Does PayPal HATE Gun Owners?

Does PayPal HATE Gun Owners?

This is a discussion on Does PayPal HATE Gun Owners? within the General Non-Firearm Discussion forums, part of the General Category category; I've been using PayPal only since 2015 when my web-site got going in February of that year. Maybe I've been fortunate to only have three ...

Thread: Does PayPal HATE Gun Owners?

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    I've been using PayPal only since 2015 when my web-site got going in February of that year. Maybe I've been fortunate to only have three "jack-wagons" stiff me for parts that were delivered according to the USPS tracking number, that the buyer got for FREE because PayPal sided with them and their money was refunded, when they claimed they didn't get the part(s) they ordered, even though the tracking number says they did.
    Once I send anything out the door, I have absolutely no control over what UPS, or USPS does, and if they deliver to a wrong address, or the item gets lost, I need to file an insurance claim................after 45 days, to try and get my costs recovered. The waiting 45 days part is ridiculous, especially when the customer ordered either 2, or 3 day delivery, weekends or holidays not included.
    I then put that customer on my "refuse their order list" thereafter, just in case they try to order anything again. Fortunately, there are only 3 entities on that list.

    Seems though, that PayPal is very quick to declare the seller at fault even when the customer got the part when it was promised by USPS, yet they freeze payment to me and take their sweet A$$ time looking into the proof that I sent them concerning USPS delivery. It only makes me wonder if the nitwits that handle these "non-delivery complaints" are just a bunch of hoplophobic jerks!
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    I have had issues too with "PayPal". Always get a fault error and it takes forever to prove shipments etc. May be a coincidence but I do not believe in them. Others not just the OP have had the same thing and the only connecting factor is it is firearm related.
    *I hope it is just a fluke but the past 6 months I have had issues on this matter. We have opted for now to limit the use of "PayPal" but they are sometimes the only option.
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    I have the opposite experience with PayPal. (now). I ship using PayPal linked to Ebay. I had a customer state that they didn't get a package and PayPal took back the money and asked me to get tracking and proof of delivery.
    I provided what they asked for and asked why I should have to provide it as it is all linked together. They gave back the money. They made me a "preferred" vendor. They stated that any future claims involving "lost" shipments
    would be handled internally and I wouldn't even see it unless it was not a linked shipment. They stated that as a preferred vendor moneys would not be taken back until the purchaser could prove their claim.

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    I have heard both sides of this argument. My "take" on it is a little different.

    I do not believe that PayPal wants to discriminate against 2nd Amendment purchases or gun ownership, but given their place in the payment processing food chain it would be illogical for them to try to stay abreast with and administrate transactions across the wide variety of local laws governing said transactions. Rather than try to "herd cats" if you will, they opt out completely. They do the same for transactions for many medical categories of products as well.

    No, I have no relationship with PayPal other than being a customer.

    Just my . . . . . .

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    Yes, PayPal is anti-gun and anti-2A.

    And if you take the time to read the User Agreement, it’s clear they are proud of it.
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    I have sold many gun accessories on eBay over the past ten years. Holsters, magazines, cleaning kits, gun parts. I have never had an issue with PayPal over any of it. I shipmby USPS with a tracking # so proof of delivery is easily established. In ten years I have never had USPS package that was wrongly delivered or not delivered. Guess I am lucky.
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