Police range qualification

Police range qualification

This is a discussion on Police range qualification within the Range Card forums, part of the LCP Pocket category; Instead of using the usual Glock 19 I used my LCP instead. There are 50 holes there. The usual qualification thing, various combinations - left ...

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Thread: Police range qualification

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    Instead of using the usual Glock 19 I used my LCP instead. There are 50 holes there. The usual qualification thing, various combinations - left and right hand shooting, target at far end of range and then close with rapid draw and fire from holster. I find the LCP to be quite accurate.

    Police range qualification-range.jpg
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    Good shooting. Den
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    That's good shooting!

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    Darn good shooting!
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    Very impressive, fella!
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    That's pretty darned impressive. Several weeks ago I was shooting my SR9c and Glock 17 at 50' and decided to try my LCP at that distance. Targets were 10" x 18". I didn't do quite so well. Granted I'm still fairly new with the LCP but out of a 6 rd mag, 2 were on target (near center) one was a semi-circle on the edge and 3 missed the paper altogether. I'm now up to about 900 rounds thru the LCP and I guess I'll try that distance again. For me, the more reasonability check on the LCP is that I can draw, point shoot one handed and empty the 6+1 as fast as I can pull the trigger and get them all center mass on a silhouette at 7 yards. That I can do very consistently now and is why I comfortable carrying the LCP. If I could shoot mine like you, I might never bother carrying a larger gun.

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    Very nice shooting. I could not march it.
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    That's just showing off! Knock it off!

    Great shooting!
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    Deleted for lack of interest.
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