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This is a discussion on LC9S vs LC9S Pro within the LC9 Discussion forums, part of the LC9 category; My carry guns don't have exterior safety's. I don't need or want anything else to worry about if and when that time to use the ...

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Thread: LC9S vs LC9S Pro

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    My carry guns don't have exterior safety's. I don't need or want anything else to worry about if and when that time to use the weapon should come. It's draw, point and shoot for me. YMMV
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    Wonder why Ruger makes the LCP without a magazine disconnect, but the LC9s (non-pro) has one. This is one reason why I'm considering the Shield with safety over the LC9s. Only problem the safety on the Shield is sooooo...small, I think it might be hard to manipulate in a SHTF scenario.
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    Forget the LC9 go with the LC9S or LC9S Pro completely different pistol. These two have an awesome trigger are accurate and fun to shoot and perfect for CCW carry.

    The LC9S and LC9S Pro take down the same way. The pin to release the slide took some getting used to since it was hard to remove the first few times but now with 500 plus rounds it has become a lot better now.

    Quote Originally Posted by jkasch View Post
    LC9s Semi-pro?
    That is too simple... I went ahead with the Pro but in back of my head I like the shoot with the mag out but my thoughts are still out about a safety on a carry gun. The reason I'm saying this is the very light trigger pull on the S and S Pro's.

    The LC9S cannot be fired without the mag but the LC9S Pro can be fired with the mag.

    Before I bought the LC9S Pro I wanted to take a look at the Glock 43. I want a pistol to replace my Kel Tec .380 and step up to a 9MM. I had in mine to buy the 43 but a talked to someone at my range that works there is a cop and builts some impressive AR-15's beside being a accurate shooter. He told me look at the Ruger LC9S or the Pro model before I purchase the Glock 43. He got me to try the Ruger at the range and I was take back it was really a great gun. Then I tried the Glock and went with the Ruger. At this time a cousin bought a Glock 43 his thinking the more a gun cost the better it has to be that with all the people swear by Glock. Well together at the range him with his Glock and me with my S Pro, let me just say no the Glock's trigger wasn't half as good and the Pro shot groups was much much better. We both shot both pistols and the S Pro killed it! In fact the day after he sold it to a person looking for a 43. He is staying with his Kimber Sapphire Solo that cost close to 3 times more and is still doesn't have a good as trigger are can run awesome groups... needless to say the Ruger LC9S Pro is a solid winner.
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    The LC9s has a magazine disconnect safety and a manual trigger safety, and like most things related to firearms, it mostly depends on you. Here are some questions to help you decide.

    If an attacker might grab your gun, do you want to be able to drop the mag to render the gun safe? (Yes: advantage LC9s). If the mag falls out accidentally, or isn't fully engaged, do you want that one round in the pipe to go off? (Yes: advantage Pro.) [Note, neither of these is very likely.] Do you want an extra margin of safety when cleaning the gun? (Advantage: LC9s)

    Do you use a soft holster or clothing that might catch on the trigger when re-holstering? (Yes: advantage LCS9). Are you concerned you'll forget to flip a manual safety during an attack? (Yes. Either Pro or LC9s, but always flick off the manual safety on the LC9s once it's re-holstered.)

    Are you worried about the legal implications of a defensive shooting? (Yes: advantage LC9s; lack of safeties on the Pro will be used against you.)

    Bottom line: the only safety that really counts is you, the differences between the two guns are minimal, and you won't go wrong with either one.
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    I decided on the non pro model because a handgun, or any gun for that matter especially one that will be carried on me, that doesn't have a saftey just doesn't make sense. To those that's cool with that, I ain't knocking it, just sayin it ain't for me. With that being said, we're all human, humans make mistakes and injuries like Glock Leg do exist. I can have just as much of a mindset to turn that saftey off when I need it just the same as people who rely on that saftey between their ears for guns with no safeties.

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